A few weeks ago, we started a governance proposal on altheazone4 to vote on the next hard fork. This time, it will be scripted. Read my summary about it here.

The proposal passed last week, and we are currently planning how to do it.

We will most likely use a script that will wrap the gaiad binary. This script, when run, will start gaiad and also start a process that polls for the current block height. When a predetermined block to fork on is reached, it will swap out the gaiad executable for a new one, stop the chain, modify the genesis file appropriately, and start the new executable. If the script is started after the changeover, it will do these steps if necessary, or otherwise just start running the new executable. This way, it should be usable as a drop in replacement for gaiad with systemd or any other system management tools.

Once these details are finalized, we'll make another governance proposal with the exact forking height, modifications to genesis.json, and the recommended forking script described above.