April Update

Taking a note from Google's rollout of their fiber networks, we are introducing the new Altheahoods program! This program supplies organizers with the marketing tools and internet presence to get end users signed up and on board prior to building out the network. This is a good tool to evaluate if an Althea network will be viable in your neighborhood, and requires very little investment to get started. Shoot us an email at hello@altheamesh.com if you are interested in bringing a faster, cheaper, and decentralized Althea network to your neighborhood.

We recently rolled out a major dashboard update and text notifications for a low balance state in the routers. Justin Kilpatrick, CTO, weighs in on this and other development updates.

“The new dashboard and text notifications are the latest user facing features, with a focus on helping users have a smooth experience as we move into requiring and enforcing payments in our test networks. Behind the scenes we have continued to work on stability and performance improvements. Our new exit server architecture is significantly more resilient and client router failures are down from previous months. We are also testing an Android app to allow organizers to easily rescue broken routers in the field without a bulky laptop."

As many of you know, Cosmos has now launched and we are moving forward with development of our own cosmos side chain that will allow users to more easily use stablecoins as the base currency. Payments on this blockchain are done using the stablecoin dai, which maintains its price relative to national currencies so the user's deposit to their router remains stable. This blockchain will be maintained by validators running the Althea blockchain software. These validators are given power to validate the Althea blockchain by holders of the Althea governance tokens, who delegate tokens to the validator(s) of their choice. Validators and those delegating Althea governance tokens to them earn transaction fees from each payment. You can learn more about ALGT in our whitepaper.

Our first live community call is coming up! It's the perfect opportunity to get the latest Althea updates and have all your questions answered. We will be live on YouTube April 24th, 1pm PST. Sign up here and let us know what you want us to talk about and your questions. Looking forward to seeing many of you there!