Pay-As-You-Go Internet Service Expands in Las Cruces

Althea, an internet service provider with pay-as-you-go plans, expands its high-speed network in Las Cruces.

A photo of a radio on a roof in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
Althea has been operating in Las Cruces since July 2023 and hopes to expand its affordable network throughout Dona Ana County.

According to a report by Broadband Now, nearly nine in ten New Mexico residents cannot purchase broadband at a price of $60/month or less. Hawk Networks, also known as Althea, a small internet service provider with networks throughout the country, hopes to make the internet more affordable for Las Cruces residents by expanding their pay-as-you-go internet plans.

Althea's pay-as-you-go system is a unique billing model that allows users to pay for the internet services they consume on a usage basis rather than commit to a fixed monthly subscription. This approach to billing can be particularly helpful for households who struggle to pay the same fixed bill month after month. Customers can use services as needed without long-term commitments or contracts, and they can adjust their usage and spending based on their financial situation.

Althea is a pioneer in telecom, leveraging blockchain technology and a mesh network to provide reliable and affordable internet connectivity. Their network selects the cheapest, best connection available on a per-second basis, improving both reliability and redundancy for customers. Althea's approach means that customers will get low latency and no data cap, with the average monthly bill only costing between $30 and $40. And if customers enroll in the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), their service can be free.

Customers who refer a friend to Althea will receive a one-time $50 credit towards their account and can receive up to a $250 credit if they have referred five or more friends.

Las Cruces residents interested in Althea services can go to and fill out the contact form.

About Hawk Networks Inc.

Founded in 2018, Hawk Networks (Althea) designs and deploys modular, open-access broadband internet and connectivity solutions, bringing fast, reliable connectivity to even the most remote and challenging environments.