Press Release: Enfield, NC

Wave 7 New Press Release


New Internet Service Provider (ISP) launches in Enfield N.C., offering new way to access broadband internet.

[Enfield -- June 2nd 2020] Althea, a system that enables communities to build and maintain their own decentralized internet infrastructure, today announced the upcoming build out of a new network in Enfield. Wave 7 Communications started in April 2020 is one of the first Althea networks to launch in the Halifax County area.

Enfield residents and those living in rural areas often have limited choices for internet service, which results in slow speeds and a lack of flexible options,” said LaShawn Williamson, Partner with Wave 7 Communications.

Wave 7 Communications offers an answer. Users will receive the internet via a small antenna on their roof and a smart router, which selects the cheapest, best connection available and pays the bill - all automatically. Members only pay for what they use, so they can control the cost of their service with no contract. The average speed is 100 Mbps, with costs around $40 month.

Our company is excited to serve the town of Enfield and surrounding area with faster and more affordable internet. We understand the importance of broadband to the economy, e-Learning, and telehealth. Our goal is to give the town a community-based option for internet service.” said Avery Williamson, Organizer at Wave 7 Communications.

Residents are encouraged to visit and pre-register to show their interest. When enough pre-registrations have been submitted from any particular area, Wave 7 will begin the process of rolling out services in that neighborhood.

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About Wave 7 Communications

Our company's goal is to provide fast, secure, and inexpensive internet service to the local community. It is also to bring economic parity through internet access to communities that do not have the same advantages as cities with broadband availability. Our goal is not to compete with the incumbent ISPs, but offer an affordable alternative to customers.

About the organizers:

Avery Williamson

Avery loves technology and seeks to bring economic parity to rural and undeserved areas where internet access not readily available. He loves his family, church, and his community. In his free time, Avery enjoys traveling and running outdoors. He also loves helping people and seeing them embrace their full potential.

About Althea (

Althea was founded in 2017 with the mission to empower communities to build and maintain their own community-based internet infrastructure. This is done with technology which enables network routers to pay each other for bandwidth, letting a loosely affiliated group of individuals build a sustainable local network while monetizing their roof space.

Each node in an Althea network competes with its neighbors to provide the cheapest, fastest service to the network. This ensures that networks stay fast and affordable for consumers. Althea has networks in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Ghana and Nigeria.