Press Release: Watertown, TN


Elwell Internet Brings Inexpensive, Reliable Internet Access to Wilson County

Watertown,Tennessee,May 29,2020-- Co-Founders of Elwell Internet, Derek Elwell and Dylan Thraen,have partnered with Althea Networks to provide faster, cheaper, de-centralized wireless broadband to residents, business owners, and schools in the Wilson County communities with little or no internet access.

Elwell Internet provides a system that lets routers pay each other for bandwidth. This allows people to set up decentralized ISPs in their communities. In the Elwell network, instead of one internet service provider at the top collecting monthly payments, many different people can earn money by expanding and strengthening the network.

Today, internet access networks are owned by centralized, usually monopolistic, internet providers. The ISP owns all the routers and networking hardware, and charges for their use with a monthly fee. In most areas, there are only one or two options. If you don't like their rates or their service, there isn't much you can do about it. Competing with them would involve starting your own ISP, large enough to be a self-sustaining business — which isn't a feasible option for most.

Elwell expects to be open for service this summer. You can go to the Elwell Facebook page to pre-register and to obtain more information.

The target audience for Elwell are rural communities in outlying areas in Wilson County that have limited access, or no access at all, to high-speed internet. These customers include residences, businesses, and school systems.

Co-Founder Derek Elwell, long time Wilson County resident and teacher: “This initiative started with the sole purpose of connecting rural students with no internet access to the world wide web. We provide a way to do this affordably with reliability. The fact that this network is a co-op makes it perfectly suited for counties like ours.”



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