Althea Development Update #70: Dueling scripts

Put on your night time sunglasses because I have a tale from our cyberpunk future, or present as it may be. How a poorly coded smart contract disrupted an ISP in rural Oregon.

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Outage report: 14-Jan–2019

Starting at 8pm Pacific time yesterday through 3am Pacific time today Althea’s exit servers were down. This is our first major (longer than a 15 minute) outage since June of 2018. The

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Using C.O.R.E. to work on mesh network routing protocols

C.O.R.E. may sound like the name of a 1980's superhero team, but it is actually a tool that simulates wired and wifi networks, right down to the radio waves. For this reason I am using it to test my modifications to Babel, an ad-hoc 'mesh' routing protocol.

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